The used car bubble has burst in the US. And Tesla is getting the worst of it.

Tesla makes six times more money for each car sold than other brands.  His secret, a simple machine

The used car market has gone completely crazy. It is something that I have been able to verify first hand but that has in Tesla to its most volatile asset. Its price rises and falls are a thermometer of the health of the company and the market in general. And in the United States, the bubble has burst.

On the other side of the pond, the prices of Tesla with very little use are plummeting. Until recently, waiting times for signatures were so high that the prices of second-hand cars with zero kilometers had skyrocketed. Now, its fall is evident and while the price of the used market in the United States has fallen by 4% between July and November, that of Tesla has fallen 17%.

Not only that, the time a car spends in the field before being sold again is increasing in the United States, from 38 to 50 days on average. In they point out that some of these models have been on sale until 104 days and that their prices have fallen so much that they are, again, below the price of a new model.

In Spain, the situation is also changing. In August, up to 11,000 euros were paid in excess for some zero kilometer models that guaranteed immediate delivery, compared to waiting times that could reach six months. A walk through the buying and selling portals confirms that prices have been adjusted, although it is still easy to find more expensive models than a new one.

Serious adjustment in demand

Tesla is not going through its best moment. At least in image, because there was never manufactured and delivered so many vehicles. Despite this, the stocks continue to fall with Elon Musk selling large packages of shares to add more than 40,000 million dollars in sales.

The problem for Tesla is that demand seems to be adjusting. Without a doubt, it seems that a part of the reservations of their electric vehicles were being made, simply, to speculate, as has also happened to other brands. And maybe part of the cancellation of your reservations also come from there.

However, some analysts They claim that Tesla is simply facing a demand correction. The situation is being addressed by Tesla with incentives of up to $7,500 for holding reserves, something he has vowed not to do.

The question is to know if the situation that Tesla is experiencing is temporary and if its demand cooling is in line with other market values, as a consequence of interest rates that have skyrocketed and, therefore, lower vehicle sales. Or if, on the contrary, the company is suffering from the arrival of new players in the market, with products that are close in software and that is causing them to lose that aura of exclusivity.

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