The US expresses its concern about the possible disqualification of the winner of the Thai elections

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July 18 (EUROPA PRESS) –

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has expressed concern about the possible disbarment of Thailand’s election winner Pita Limjaroenrat of the opposition party Advance.

“We are closely following the post-election situation. This includes recent events in the legal system, which we are concerned about. We believe that this is a time for Thailand to demonstrate its commitment to democracy,” Miller said during a conference press.

In addition, he has clarified that Washington does not have any “preferential” candidate in the Thai elections and that they do not support any politician or political formation in particular, and that they prefer a multiparty democracy and a post-electoral process that reflects “the will” of the citizens of the country.

The Electoral Commission of Thailand referred on July 12 to the Constitutional Court the case that could lead to the disqualification of Pita, who won the elections held on May 14 in the Asian country.

If found guilty of breaking the law, the Thai politician could face up to 10 years in jail and a disqualification, which would send the country back to the polls.

Pita is at the head of a coalition of eight parties that adds up to 312 of the 500 deputies elected in the House of Representatives, although this majority is insufficient due to the decision-making power of the Senate to appoint the new prime minister.

The opposition coalition needs 376 seats between the two legislative chambers to confirm the head of government. To clear any hurdles in the Senate, it would have been ideal for him to get all those seats in the elections.

For his part, Pita announced last Saturday that he will withdraw his candidacy if this Wednesday he does not achieve the support of both chambers of Parliament in a last attempt after the failure of last Thursday.

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