The US celebrates the extradition of “The Lord of the Skies” from Honduras

The US celebrates the extradition of "The Lord of the Skies" from Honduras

The United States Department of Justice expressed its satisfaction at the rapid capture and extradition from Honduras of the alleged drug trafficker of Nicaraguan origin Raduán Omar Zamora Mayorga, known as José Luis Oliva Meza and “The Lord of the Skies.”

Zamora Mayorga was arrested in Honduras at the request of the US and last week he was extradited to face justice in federal court in Texas. This Monday he was charged and he remained in preventive detention while a trial is set up.

In a statement released this Tuesday, the Department of Justice argued that the indictment against “The Lord of the Skies” was established by a grand jury on June 10, 2020, with charges of “conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine knowing that it would be imported to the United States and that it would be distributed” in the North American nation.

According to the indictment established Monday, “in 2008, an investigation by US law enforcement authorities identified a large-scale drug trafficking organization (DTO) operating in South, Central, and North America. The DTO used a sophisticated infrastructure to manufacture, acquire, store, transport and distribute several tons of cocaine destined for the United States,” the statement reads.

According to the investigations of the Drug Control Administration (DEA), Zamora Mayorga would have used speedboats, transport boats, submersible boats, aircraft, semi-trailer trucks and other motorized vehicles to transport cocaine shipments, most of them from Colombia and Ecuador. .

The drug route where Zamora Mayorga had the greatest participation with his own transport fleet was Central America. He moved the shipments by land and sea through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, to then enter the United States.

“The profits resulting from the drug were transported from the United States to and through the aforementioned countries,” indicate the investigations of US federal prosecutors.

The United States appreciated the coordination and cooperation of the Honduran authorities for the capture and prosecution of the alleged drug trafficker who, if found guilty, could face a life sentence in federal prison and a minimum of 10 years.

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