The US announces the delivery of 444 million in humanitarian aid for Ukraine

The US announces the delivery of 444 million in humanitarian aid for Ukraine

July 17 () –

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced the delivery of more than 500 million dollars (more than 444 million euros) in additional humanitarian aid for Ukraine 2.3 million dollars (2 million euros) in equipment for the Ukrainian State Emergency Service (ESS).

“The SEE demonstrates day by day its capacity and courage for which the Ukrainian people are known throughout the world, but in addition to capacity and courage they also need material,” USAID administrator Samantha Power explained at a press conference collected by the American press.

“I am pleased to deliver additional $2.3 million worth of equipment that will help the SEE repair damage caused by Russian forces to key infrastructure in Ukraine,” he specified.

Specifically, six tanker trucks will be delivered to supply drinking water to communities that do not have service and 450 pumps for SEE personnel in Kherson to alleviate the consequences of the destruction of the Kajovka dam.

Power has stressed that these funds are “a smart investment” because 1,200 million dollars from USAID have already been used to pay the salaries of more than 50,000 rescuers.

“Ukraine has significant humanitarian needs that are going to continue as long as (Vladimir) Putin continues this war. This material and our support in rescuer salaries help with some of these needs, but today I also want to announce that the United States will contribute more than 500 million dollars in additional humanitarian aid to our humanitarian partners to increase their response on the front lines,” he said.

Power has explained that Washington intends to help Ukrainians with self-identified needs, from shelter for the homeless to psychological help for those who have suffered the worst traumas.

“These funds also support protection for the most vulnerable and at-risk populations, including safe spaces for women and girls,” USAID stressed in an official statement, recalling that the United States is Ukraine’s largest humanitarian donor with more than 2.6 billion dollars. dollars delivered from February 2022.

Power has arrived in kyiv in what marks his second visit since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. On his trip, he will meet with government officials, businessmen, civil society representatives, energy experts, youth, rescuers and mental health professionals.

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