The US again accuses North Korea of ​​supplying Russia with weapons for use in the invasion of Ukraine

The US again accuses North Korea of ​​supplying Russia with weapons for use in the invasion of Ukraine

21 Jan. () –

The United States has again accused North Korea of ​​supplying arms and ammunition to the Russian Armed Forces for use in the invasion of Ukraine, calling it a “clear violation” of UN Security Council resolutions.

This has been stated by the spokesman for the National Security Council of the United States, John Kirby, who has detailed that Pyongyang would be managing the Wagner Group, a network of mercenaries related to the Kremlin.

“In recent weeks, we have seen North Korean officials falsely deny that they provided Wagner with weapons. As we have said publicly, North Korea delivered infantry rockets and missiles to Russia for Wagner’s use late last year,” Kirby said during a press conference at the White House.

According to images released by the US government, a train with five carriages traveled from Russia to North Korea on November 18. A day later, North Korea loaded those and the train returned to Russia.

“Now, although we believe that the amount of material delivered to Wagner has not changed the dynamics of the battlefield in Ukraine, we hope that he will continue to receive North Korean weapons systems,” Kirby stressed, condemning North Korea’s actions.

“As we have previously stated, North Korea’s arms transfers are in direct violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions. So today, (we are) sharing information about these violations with the Council Sanctions Committee expert panel Security”, he added.

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