The UN and the World Bank warn of the “extreme vulnerability” of Ukraine’s energy system

The UN and the World Bank warn of the "extreme vulnerability" of Ukraine's energy system

June 21 () –

The UN Development Program (UNDP) and the World Bank have warned on Tuesday of the “extreme vulnerability” of the Ukrainian energy system, which is operating “in emergency mode” and whose damage amounts to more than 10,000 million dollars (about 9,100 million euros).

A report created just before the destruction of the Kajovka dam says that more than half of the high-voltage transformers have not only been destroyed, but have come under repeated attacks by Russia, thus thwarting repair attempts.

“The de facto loss of obsolete coal-fired generation should be seen as an opportunity to accelerate the green transition and decentralization of the sector. We have already started to cooperate with several municipalities in order to secure their immediate power supply needs, but also to pave the way for financing the development of greener and more resilient energy infrastructure,” said UNDP Representative in Ukraine Jaco Cilliers.

In addition, the report notes that power generation capacity has been reduced by almost 50 percent from previous 2022 levels, which has “significantly” affected power supply during the winter.

Both kyiv and Moscow have blamed each other for the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dam, which has left dozens dead and hundreds displaced.

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