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The tax collection will be invested in social priorities, said Petro

Readjust the map and include another department, a new idea from Petro

The President Gustav Petro ratified this Wednesday that the collection of the tax reform, currently being processed in the Congress of the Republic, will be used for the social priorities of his government, such as peace or education.

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“NOr are we thinking of having parties and parrandas, of diluting the public’s money in wars, in bombs, in tanks, but rather in spending it on what we need most, which is the education of society and overcoming hunger.”, stated the president Gustavo Petro at a press conference.

The head of state described as positive the atmosphere generated by the meetings with the private business and productive sector of the country.

The Colombian president held a bilateral meeting this Wednesday with his counterpart of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, who mentioned that his country “wants to be a relevant partner in the economic diversification to which the new government of Colombia aspires.”

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In addition to the appointment, in which the leaders agreed on issues of peace, integration and the environment, among othersthe Spanish delegation also held meetings with the Ministries of Mines and Energy, to talk about the energy transition and with the Ministry of Commerce and Andi to deepen bilateral economic relations.


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