The Supreme Court of Guatemala endorses the officialization of the results of the presidential elections

( Spanish) — The Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala (CSJ) reported this Monday that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and the Electoral Boards complied with the ruling issued by the Constitutional Court on July 1, which represents a previous step to make the results official. the last presidential elections.

The TSE has yet to issue an agreement through a statement or a message in a conference or national chain.

The magistrates of the court had ordered that the review hearings be repeated, by admitting an amparo filed by nine parties that pointed out alleged irregularities.

The Constitutional Court had suspended the officialization of the results of the June 25 general elections, which included voting for president and vice president.

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The boards held the review hearings between Tuesday and Thursday of last week, and the data had a minimal variation, the TSE reported last Friday at a press conference.

On Friday, the CSJ ordered a new suspension to determine if the TSE had complied with the ruling.

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For its part, the Electoral Tribunal said this Monday in a conference, prior to learning of the CSJ ruling, that it was still awaiting the latest minutes of the Electoral Boards to review and resolve appeals for annulment filed and thus be able to announce the results officially.

In the elections, according to the latest data from the preliminary count, Sandra Torres, presidential candidate of the National Unity of Hope party, won with 15.8% of the vote. While Bernardo Arévalo, from the Semilla party, obtained 11.7% of the votes. According to the electoral calendar, the second round will take place on August 20 between the two candidates with the most votes in the first round to define the next president, who will take office in January 2024.

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