The South African opposition threatens the “end of the world” if the ANC and the country’s third force ally

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May 25. (EUROPE PRESS) –

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) of South Africa, John Steenhuisen, has threatened voters with the “end of the world” if in the next elections scheduled for 2024, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) agrees to secure a majority with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), third force in South Africa.

“If the ANC and EFF unite… Imagine how terrifying it will be (…) I think it is the scenario for the end of the world,” the opposition leader speculated on the BBC microphones, at one point in which South Africa is in one of its worst economic crises in recent times, with daily power cuts.

“Poverty will deepen, hunger will increase, unemployment will increase drastically,” a Steenhuisen continued with this bleak landscape, who after stressing that the situation in South Africa will be “more feverish than ever”, has denied that he is disseminating pretending to sow fear in the population.

For Steenhuisen, these predictions are nothing more than “the honest truth” and he has ruled out that his formation could reach an agreement with the ANC, at least “not in its current form.”

South Africans are expected to go to the polls in 2024, while the ANC, which has ruled uninterruptedly since the end of the racist apartheid regime almost 30 years ago, is experiencing one of its worst moments at the helm of the country, according to some. surveys that for the first time do not give him an absolute majority.

With an employment rate exceeding 30 per cent, the fallout from the pandemic and Ukraine’s war-related food crisis has added to a deepening energy crisis stemming from the debt dragging down South Africa’s largest electricity utility. and poor infrastructure.

The situation has reached such a point that the ANC itself has recognized that if it continues like this, South Africa could become a “failed” state, according to its secretary general, Fikile Mbalula.

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