The risks for the dairy sector due to the blockade on the Pan-American Highway

Housing and fuel, the most affected in Nariño by road closure

Two weeks after the closure of the Pan-American highway in RosasCauca, due to a landslide in the section that connects this department with Nariño, the anxiety and uncertainty did not cease.

The milk producing sector has been one of the most affected by this contingency.

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According to figures from the Milk Producers Association (Analac) raw milk production in the department of Narino it can be of more than 800,000 liters, like the one collected by the industry on a daily basis, which is 380,000 liters.

Is production has been affected, since a part of it stays in the region for local consumption, but part important It goes out to be processed and marketed in Cauca, Valle and other departments of the country.

(See: Nariño demands 440,000 gallons of fuel per day).

The current situation has led to the National government take preventive measures to avoid affecting the crops Y products that occur in southern Colombia.

In days gone by, the president Gustavo Petro announced that the State would buy the department’s crops, and these would be distributed among the zones of impoverishment.

(See: The Pan-American highway would be opened, in Rosas (Cauca), at the end of February).

sources consulted by Briefcaseassured that the purchase of raw milk has not yet started in the department. In addition, it is stated that what seems to go faster is maintenance and building of the alternate routes where the collapse occurred.

Also, the arrival of fuel by land through Tumaco and behind that the structuring of the freight subsidy.

(See: Government will buy crops in Nariño and more measures for the emergency).

For his part, Ricardo Arenas, coordinator of productive chains of Fedeganstated that up to now the industries have done ‘the impossible‘ for collecting the milk in a collection center, but that this measure does not improve the panorama.

The National Unit for Risk and Disaster Management (Ungrd) told Portafolio that it has managed $10,000 million, of the $2.1 trillion that were destined for emergency care, to subsidize farmers and agricultural inputs.


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