The race for the Presidency begins in Guatemala


( Spanish) –– The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala called this Friday general elections for president and vice president of the country, as well as for 340 mayors, 160 deputies and 20 representatives before the Central American Parliament (Parlacen).

According to the court, some 8.9 million citizens will be able to cast their vote in the elections scheduled for June 25. In the event of a second round to elect the next president, it will take place on August 20. The inauguration is scheduled for January 14, 2024.

Irma Palencia, president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, called on Guatemalans to be an active part of the vote: “Let’s not lose this valuable opportunity that democracy gives us to reasonably discuss our dreams as a nation, nor vital problems and seek solutions among all of us, making the best decisions, the ones they touch, responsibly and in an informed manner”.

From January 21 to March 26, political parties can register their candidates, but electoral propaganda is prohibited during this period, according to the electoral authorities.

Some political parties have already proclaimed their pairs in general assemblies, and the participation with the Valor party of Zury Ríos, daughter of former president Efraín Ríos Mont; Sandra Torres, with the National Unity of Hope party, who lost in the second round against current President Alejandro Giammattei in the 2019 elections, and Thelma Cabrera, an indigenous leader who finished fourth in the last elections.

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