The projects that will be processed in extras… and the reforms are not there

pension reform

After the end of the first legislative period of this year, the Government announced the Decree 0999 of June 20, 2023 with which the Congress is summoned to extraordinary sessions.

One aspect that stands out in the document is that the social reforms presented by the Executive are not included in the agenda of projects that will be discussed in these days.

That is to say, both the health and pension reforms will not be debated before July 20date on which the new legislature will begin.

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According to the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, this decision was raised to concentrate on other projects related to the composition of the Legislative and the budget addition.

Regarding the reforms, the Ministry of the Interior pointed out that “From the Government we have to concentrate so that this month, through parliamentary dialogues, in the Chamber and Senate, ensure the majorities that make the passage of social reforms less stormy and that, as of July 20, we can enter with great enthusiasm to finish those that have already begun and in the case of labor and education to start to be able to complete that poker of the 4 social reforms that the country needs”.

It should be remembered that both the pension bill and the health bill were approved in their first debate in Commission VII of the Senate. In the case of health reform, this initiative had already begun its second debate in the plenary session of the House of Representatives.

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pension reform

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Initiatives that will be in the extraordinary

As established in the decree, the extraordinary sessions will take place between June 22 and 24, 2023.

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Among the initiatives that will be discussed during this period are: the organic bill number 330 of 2023 Senate – 416 of 2023 House and the bill number 342 of 2023 House – 278 of 2023 Senate.

The first seeks to establish the rules to determine the number of deputies in the departmental assemblies, while the second would determine the modifications that will be made to the General Budget of the Nation for the fiscal period 2023.


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