The price of the iPhone 14 Plus plummets to levels never seen: run, there is not much stock on Telegram

The new iPhones are considerably more expensive than previous models, but fortunately they have already started to drop in price.

Apple mobile users have spent several years, in many cases, delaying the change of device, especially now that prices have skyrocketed due to inflation. For example, the iPhone 14 started at more than 1,000 euros, in the past, since for example now you can get the iPhone 14 Plus for only 899 euros.

This offer comes from Media Markt, it affects only the blue and 128 GB model and almost certainly it will not last long, since as always they are discounts until the end of units, so if you are interested it is best to hurry before it is completely gone.

To put the price in context, it should be noted that the iPhone 14 Plus currently costs more than 1,000 euros on Amazon, while the model immediately below beats it in price by very littleso you can get the Plus practically as a standard model.

All the features of the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple’s new high-end mobile with better battery and improvements in photography with a 6.7″ OLED screen.

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus measures 160.8mm high and 78.1mm wide with a maximum thickness of 7.8mm. The weight of the iPhone 14 Plus is 203 g. You can buy it in the following colors: Pri…

A cheaper iPhone 14 Plus, a safe bet

It goes without saying that with this price it automatically becomes one of the best mobiles in value for money by far, and for various reasons, as we were able to verify in its analysis.

For a start, with the Apple A15 Bionic it has a processor and a rope for a whileto provide excellent performance for many years, like virtually all generations of Apple processors in previous years, one of the reasons that users extend and extend the life of their phones.

Not only that, but it also has a 6.7-inch OLED panel, larger than that of the standard iPhone 14, its main claim.

Battery autonomy is also somewhat better, since it easily goes to more than a day without having to make too many sacrifices, and that is always important when we talk about a mobile that has such a demanding processor and offers such high performance. on Telegram

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Free store pickup, maybe today

One of the advantages of Media Markt is that you can choose to pick it up in a physical store whenever there is stock available there, and that speeds up the entire process quite a bit.

You could buy your iPhone 14 Plus cheaper online and pick it up right on the day at the store closest to home, a real luxury, especially when you can’t wait too long to enjoy your brand new phone.

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