The president of Israel presents a new consensus proposal and Lapid supports the initiative

The president of Israel presents a new consensus proposal and Lapid supports the initiative

July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Israeli president, Isaac Herzog, has presented this Sunday a new proposal to try to reach an agreement on the judicial reform, an initiative to which the opposition leader, Yair Lapid, has already joined.

Herzog’s proposal proposes paralyzing the process of approval of the judicial reform for a period of 15 months, as explained by Lapid and collected by ‘The Jerusalem Post’.

Herzog is scheduled to meet with the other opposition leader, Benny Gantz, of the National Unity Party, although the main stumbling block will be the negotiation with the coalition, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, which rejects any agreement that includes more than three months of delay.

“This afternoon I met with President Herzog after his return to Israel. We share deep concern about the situation in the country and understand that our duty is to make every possible effort to reach an agreement, for the people of Israel,” Lapid argued.

“The principles that the president has presented to me are in line with the principles to which we have committed ourselves: protection of controls, avoiding the division of the people and a good sense clause that does not harm our democracy,” he added.

“Without the strength and commitment of the protests, this would not have been possible. Without hundreds of thousands of people who have taken to the streets, this law would have gone ahead. I will do everything in my power to achieve a broad agreement to guarantee a strong and democratic Israel,” he stressed.

The Israeli Knesset or Parliament is debating the third reading of the government’s bill to annul the so-called reasonableness clause that enables the courts to annul a government decision if they consider that it goes against the democratic system.

The opposition considers that this law, which could be approved this Monday, supposes a violation of the division of powers necessary for the functioning of the institutions. This same Sunday, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated for and against the legislative initiative.

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