The policeman who killed the French teenager denounces death threats

The policeman who killed the French teenager denounces death threats

July 7 () –

The police agent who killed the teenager Nahel M. last week in the city of Nanterre, the trigger for the biggest protests in recent years in the country, has denounced that he is being subjected to death threats, as reported this Friday by his lawyer.

The agent, who is currently charged with voluntary manslaughter and in prison, has decided to go to court to denounce these threats, according to his lawyer, Laurent-Franck Liénard, in statements collected by ‘Le Figaro’.

The agent fired at the young man on June 27, when he started a car whose window the policeman was leaning out of. The French Prosecutor’s Office has estimated that the situation did not present the necessary circumstances for the police officer to open fire.

Although the Ministry of the Interior has registered more than 3,600 arrests since the start of the crisis, the data has been reduced in recent days.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that the “peak” of the unrest had passed, although he appealed for prudence in the possibility of resurgence of unrest. The Government, which has strengthened ties with the mayors of the affected towns, wants to promote an emergency law to expedite reconstruction.

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