The Pokémon forums just launched and already have inappropriate topics

Today The Pokémon Company launched the official forums for Pokemon in order that fans could meet with others and thus open up discussion or ask questions about the entire franchise. However, as expected, there are users who are taking advantage of this new site for the worse.

As soon as the forums went live, netizens began to start discussions about genuine questions, but inappropriate topics also appeared, with questions like “which pokemon is the hottest?“, “What Pokémon would you eat for lunch?and “Could Pikachu fit into a blender?”. There are others about discussions LGBT.

The space allowed for confessions such as that of a user who feels “immeasurably attracted” to Gardevoir.

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Image: The Pokemon Company
Image: The Pokemon Company

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The Pokémon Company is already deleting threads in its forums

It is important to mention that, as expected, The Pokémon Company was not going to tolerate this type of discussion in its official forums, so in the course of the day it has deleted a lot, like the one with Pikachu and the blender wave of eat pokemon.

There are other topics that users have managed to turn around and strip the inappropriate tone of some questions and answer them in a harmless and witty way to keep the place suitable for all ages.

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Will Pokémon forums be able to keep themselves free from inappropriate questions?
Will Pokémon forums be able to keep themselves free from inappropriate questions?

However, the reaction time is slow and on many occasions the conversation can be open for minutes or hours, with answers not suitable for users of all ages who can visit them.

That being said, The Pokémon Company will have a lot of moderation work to do.

That is why some users question who came up with this as a good idea. Others refer to these forums as the return of Miiverse, the Wii U meeting platform.

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