The opposition rejects the dialogue table with the Guinean junta and maintains its call for a demonstration

The opposition rejects the dialogue table with the Guinean junta and maintains its call for a demonstration

28 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The main opposition parties in Guinea have refused this Tuesday to sit at the dialogue table with the junta led by the Prime Minister, Bernard Goumou, before a large demonstration scheduled for March 9 on a transition process to a civilian government in the country.

In an attempt to iron out any differences, the head of government invited all the political actors that make up the Forum of the Living Forces of Guinea (FFVG), among which is the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC) , to a dialogue table.

However, the opposition affirms that, although they are willing to participate in the dialogue with the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development (CNRD) –official name of the board that Guinea leads– this initiative would have to be led by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

“The political and civil society actors, gathered around the Living Forces of Guinea, demand that said dialogue must be discussed under a legal framework and in technical and material conditions to organize free, transparent and inclusive elections,” he indicated in a statement, collected by the Media Guineé news portal.

Guinea’s military junta has already threatened to “suspend” the activities of political parties and social organizations that may have incurred “criminal responsibilities” after demonstrations in the capital, Conakry, which left eight dead.

The protest was called by the FNDC despite the fact that the Guinean junta prohibited mobilizations to demand a return to constitutional order in the face of delays by the military authorities in calling elections after the 2021 coup.

The CNRD was formed in the African country after the coup in September 2021 against the then president, Alpha Condé, after months of political crisis in the country due to his decision to modify the Constitution to run for a third term and his victory in the 2020 presidential elections, in which the rest of the candidates denounced fraud.

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