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The official WhatsApp chat reaches more users to report on the latest news and offer usage tips

July 17 (Portaltic/EP) –

WhatsApp has begun to launch your official chat to more usersa new feature that the platform will use to communicate all your news to users, as well as offer advice on how to use its functionsthe last security settings or how you could get more out of the social network.

The instant messaging platform aims to keep all users informed about the new features and functions that it is implementing, so that users can find out what their possibilities are in this service developed by Meta.

One of the latest features that it has introduced is an official chat in which it indicates the latest WhatsApp news and offers usage tips. This has been verified by some both iOS and Android users, who began to have access to this the month of March.

Now with the Android beta version updatethe official WhatsApp chat is reaching more platform users with devices with this operating system, as you have learned WABetaInfo.

The official chat of the platform appears on the main chat screen as if it were just another chat. When entering said conversation for the first time, an explanatory interface is displayed with the message “Welcome to the official WhatsApp chat”.

Thus, as this medium shows through screenshots, the platform details that it is a space where the news will be announced and they will be sent tips to make the ‘app’ “even better”. Likewise, it also points out that users they can archive or block the official chat at any timeso it won’t be a nuisance or distraction on the home screen.

On the other hand, although it is an official chat and can be seen by all users, does not have the option to send messages. I mean, it works very similar to WhatsApp channelsusers cannot reply or send messages, but they do receive informative messages from WhatsApp.

For example, him first message that the platform sends once you have entered the official chat is about the two-step verification. In this way, WhatsApp explains the most important points of this function and the steps to follow to activate it.

Currently, to access this official chat you must install the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android from the Google Play Store, which will be gradually rolled out to more users.

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