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The new ‘popular’ mayoress of Guadalajara: “I am not ashamed to agree with Vox”

Ana Guarinos is already mayor of Guadalajara. The PP candidate has achieved this thanks to the express support of Vox, which has given up presenting its own candidate Francisco Javier Toquero during the act of constitution of the City Council to vote for the ‘popular’ candidate.

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It was 12:33 p.m. when Guarinos was sworn in as the new mayor. “It is an honor and a responsibility,” she said. The PP thus recovers the government of the city that it failed to maintain in 2019 and that it will now manage in coalition with Vox.

The new mayoress has dedicated a good part of her speech, once invested, to justify the agreement with the extreme right. “We have reached an agreement and yes, it is legitimate and democratic. I would feel ashamed to agree with other formations, but not with Vox ”.

We are going to show that we do not comply with those labels that have insisted on hanging us

Javier Toquero
Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Vox in Guadalajara

Javier Toquero, from Vox, who has become the deputy mayor of Guadalajara, has said that this will be “an unparalleled experience” and has assured that “personally” he wants to “demonstrate that we do not comply with those labels that have insisted on hanging us” . With a nod to the Story Marathon that is being held this weekend in the city, he assured that “we have come to kill those monsters, they are just that, like in the stories.”

And it is that both PSOE and Aike, the other two municipal groups with a presence in the Consistory in this legislature, had made the pact ugly. Both the outgoing mayor, the socialist Alberto Rojo and the Aike councilor Susana Martínez did not give up presenting a candidacy for mayor at the investiture session. Both have voted for themselves.

Alberto Rojo has said goodbye as mayor, recalling that the PSOE list was the list with the most votes last 28M by nearly 17,000 residents of Guadalajara who “cannot be ignored” and although he has recognized the PP-Vox agreement as “legitimate and democratic”, He has acknowledged that “we don’t like that they have decided to agree with the ultra-right” for their “denial of gender violence or the criminalization of immigration,” among other issues. “I don’t know if they have measured the high political price they are going to have to pay. I want the residents of the city not to pay for it”.

He has addressed Guarinos to tell him that the PSOE “is coherent” to criticize that the PP is not after sealing a pact with Vox. “You have criticized this type of act for years, after Feijóo asked to let the most voted list govern and after calling the president of Spain a squat.”

He has also ensured that the PSOE opposition will be “loyal and constructive” and that it will also be “moderate”, although on this point he has qualified that “moderation will not prevent us from being firm in the face of any setback”, he said, both socially and in the field of culture.

Also forceful has been the only councilor of Aike, Susana Martínez. She has regretted that the PP will govern again in the Guadalajara City Council. “The usual ones, you do not bring big changes. We already know how difficult it is to get excited and we are sorry, ”she said, to also make them ugly that they have a government“ on loan ”.

He has reminded Ana Guarinos that his results after 28M are “the same with which Antonio Román lost four years ago” and has made him ugly that “he has no qualms about embracing Vox instead of protecting democracy from retrograde speeches and deniers. She has opened the door for them and they have let them pass to the bottom ”.

He already said that he has also done so with “very little specificity” in the agreement. “He has not told us about the pact that has led Guarinos to sit in the Presidency. Do you have something embarrassing? Does it have so little content? Yesterday [durante el acto de presentación del acuerdo] You spent more time defending bullfighting than equality”.

In this sense, “Vox’s macho discourse” made him ugly, before which he has said that he will not allow women to be made invisible. “They are not going to get it for our mothers and for our daughters. Feminist advances are not going to stop them. We are many, we are many, and we are powerful,” he said, citing the more than 45,400 women and girls who live in the capital, and he criticized the fact that the new right-wing government “was waving flags without focusing on the city and the management municipal”. For this reason, she ended, “we proclaim the resistance.”

Martínez was “more convinced than ever of how important it is to have a voice and participate actively in politics. It is a joy to continue and continue despite the polls and the difficulty of running on an equal footing with traditional parties”.

The session began on time, but it has had to be interrupted on a couple of occasions by the City Council protocol services due to the malfunction of the public address system that prevented it from being followed from outside a packed room, to which journalists and journalists have not had access. a good part of the families of the 25 councillors.

Outside the Town Hall, on the balcony, an LGTBI flag hung before the start of the plenary session. A nod to the collective and a challenge to the new right-wing government in Guadalajara, with a Vox formation that openly rejects their rights.

Guarinos justified the pact again in his final speech. “I remember that in 2019 there was a pact here”, to refer to PSOE and Ciudadanos and responded to Alberto Rojo about the most voted list. “I remember that Feijóo made an offer for the most voted list to govern in the town halls at the beginning of the year and it was the PSOE that denied that possibility.”

“We have signed an agreement designed by and for Guadalajara to give the city a stable and solid government. To solve real problems for citizens ”, he insisted.

“In four years it is necessary to establish the pillars of an ambitious development model, which stands out for its socio-economic initiatives”, he commented to address what will be his deputy mayor Javier Toquero de Vox, with whom he recalled that he has signed a government agreement whose The Decalogue has affirmed that it has “inalienable purposes”.

Among them, he has said he believes “in equality. Yes, equal opportunities for all and putting aside interference in culture and indoctrination in education”, in addition to “placing the person and family at the center of our political action”.

The Consistory will be formed in this legislature by eleven councilors from the PSOE, nine from the PP, four from Vox and one councilor from the Aike group.

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Written by Editor TLN

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