The new list of defaulters with the Treasury is reduced to 7,037 debtors and the debt falls to 17,710 million

The new list of defaulters with the Treasury is reduced to 7,037 debtors and the debt falls to 17,710 million

June 30. () –

The ninth list of defaulters of the Tax Agency includes a total of 7,037 debtors with the Treasury of more than 600,000 euros at the end of 2021, which is 3.3% less than the last list published in December.

According to the data provided this Thursday by the Tax Agency, the global amount of debts included in the new list reaches 17,710 million euros, 2.9% less, although subtracting duplications -since there are amounts that correspond to main debtors and responsible for their joint and several liability–, the amount would be 14,567 million euros and therefore, about 4.2% lower.

As of 1:00 p.m. this Thursday, the Tax Agency will publish the ninth list of the largest debtors with the Tax Administration on the page of its electronic headquarters.

To be selected, the debts that appear on the list must meet the conditions of being above 600,000 euros, not having been paid after the original term of entry in the voluntary period, which are pending payment as of December 31, 2021 and that are not postponed or suspended for any reason provided by law.

However, the possibility of being excluded from publication is enabled if the full payment of the debts and tax penalties that would have determined the inclusion in the list is previously made.


Of the total of 7,037 debtors that appear on the latest list, 1,387 are natural persons for an amount of 2,125 million euros (in the previous list there were 1,367 for an amount of 2,081 million euros) and 5,650 are legal persons for an amount of 15,585 million (compared to to 5,910 the previous year and 16,150 million).

Of the total amount, 6,787 million euros (38%) corresponds to debt of debtors in bankruptcy proceedings (2,067 debtors, 29% of the total) and, therefore, is debt affected by a process in which the possibilities of collection cash of the debts are limited while the bankruptcy process itself lasts. In the previous list, this figure was just over 7,200 million euros (40%), with 2,176 debtors (30% of the total).


Of the total debtors on the list, in relation to 3,566 main debtors, derivations of subsidiary or joint and several liability have been made to third parties other than the main debtor for an amount of more than 6,506 million (equivalent to 37% of the total amount of debt included in the list).

As explained by the Tax Agency, these referral figures do not coincide with the derived amounts that appear on the list, since this section also includes referrals to subsidiary managers (therefore, not included in the list), as well as referrals that by amount do not enter the threshold of the listing.


A total of 580 debtors no longer appear on the list of debtors after having appeared on the list published in December 2021, so they leave the list for an amount of 1,164 million euros.

The removal from the list may be due to the total or partial cancellation of the debts subject to publication, as well as to obtaining a deferral or suspension of the debt before the data collection date (December 31, 2021) .

In contrast, a total of 340 debtors appear on the list of debtors to be published in December 2022 and did not appear on the list published in June 2021, so they enter the list for a debt amount of 636 million euros.


In the months that have elapsed in 2022, a total of 3,077 debtors who had outstanding debts as of August 31, 2021 and for which they were published on the list on December 30 last, have made income from those debts amounting to 638 million.

On the other hand, revenues amounting to 81.8 million have been made corresponding to debtors who have avoided appearing in the ninth list to be published in June 2022.

As specified by the Tax Agency, these debtors were going to be selected for publication, but in the weeks prior to the reference date of the list, December 31, 2021, they entered sufficient amounts not to appear on the list.

It could also be the case that debtors, effectively selected, who availed themselves of the possibility offered by 95.4 bis of the General Tax Law to avoid being published, making the full, complete deposit of the debts for which they would be published.

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