The networks are shocked to discover that these spherical chicken cages are for sale (video)

A boon for urban farmers, or a cruel punishment for chickens? The Internet disagrees.

Is called Chicken Orbis Australian, and is about an individual spherical cage for chickens. As expected, It has gone viral on social mediaalthough its creators they don’t understand the controversy. You can see it in the opening video of the news.

Many people on Twitter and Facebook have thought that they are cages to protect chickens from predators. For this task they are completely useless, since all they do is facilitate the task of the possible hawk or fox, because the chicken cannot run or defend itself.

But that is not its function. Chicken Orb It is not designed to protect, nor for the chickens they spend all day inside the cage.

The spherical cage for urban chickens

Chicken Orb is intended for chickens living in urban environments. Many people, at least in Australia, have a garden with a small chicken run in their house.

One or two hours a day they are taken out of the corral so that run around the garden. But chickens tend to digging up the flowers and digging holes for dust baths. In an hour or two, they can destroy your garden.

Ayam Cemani, the completely black chicken, including crest, beak, and meat

These problems are solved with these spherical cages. The chickens can still walk around the garden and peck at the grass or insects, but They can’t dig thereby avoiding spoilage.

In addition, it is also effective for prevent them from jumping over a fence, or flying out of the garden. As seen in the video, the chickens they get used to walking while rolling the cage, and they have no problem moving or pecking. Although it is true that it can be a bit annoying.

Of course, you have to be careful with sloping land, because the round cage could end up rolling down it, with the hen inside. Its creators ask that they only be used with human supervision. They sell them in their Web pageat the price of 45 euro.

That’s how it is Chicken Orb, the spherical cages for chickens. A cruel invention, or a very practical measure for urban farmers?

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