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The Natural Resources Division of ECLAC highlighted the strategic relevance of the region’s oceans in the seminar “Governance, Economy and Conservation of the South Pacific Ocean”

As part of his speech, Tambutti emphasized the importance of addressing the interaction between land and sea in a comprehensive manner, highlighted the relevance of a multilateral approach and cooperation to address marine challenges that are highly transboundary in nature, such as pollution, the sustainability of the populations of fishing interest, the generation of knowledge and the monitoring of ecosystems and resources.

Among other recommendations, it proposed ensuring effective long-term protection of marine protected areas and other forms of conservation, prioritizing areas of greatest importance for biodiversity, ecosystem services, representativeness, connectivity, adequate human and financial resources for their management and surveillance.

Finally, the specialist highlighted the great regional opportunity to redirect resources from harmful subsidies to sustainable fishing towards measures that improve sustainability and benefit those who need it most, and to adopt and implement international agreements to combat illegal fishing. , unreported and unregulated.

Source: Presentation by Marcia Tambutti. The slide shows guidelines for a sustainable investment model based on conservation, regulation of the use and enjoyment of biodiversity and its ecosystem services that have a multidimensional return.

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