The MSP denounces the arrest in Tindouf by the Polisario of a man with Spanish nationality


The Saharawi Movement for Peace (MSP) has denounced this Monday the arrest by the Polisario Front of a man with Spanish nationality in the refugee camps of Tindouf, in Algeria, within the framework of a series of protests against alleged cases of corruption in the place.

The MSP has indicated in a statement that the man, identified as Mohamed Salem uld Sueid, was arrested on Sunday after being intercepted by a “military patrol” when he was going to Tindouf with his wife, according to his family. “He was forcibly removed from the vehicle, leaving the woman alone in the middle of the road,” he said.

Thus, he pointed out that Uld Sueid “appeared on the networks on Thursday denouncing corruption and illegal fuel trafficking along with the tankers immobilized by the protesters.”

The organization has said that the arrest comes after the arrest of eleven people during the day on Friday and has highlighted that “the campaign of repression unleashed by the Polisario continues as a result of the demonstrations against corruption carried out this week by groups of young people in the refugee camps.”

“Since the beginning of last April, the refugee camps have been the scene of multiple demonstrations and protests against the leadership of the Polisario, denouncing the restrictions and measures against free movement as well as the corruption that gangrenes the organization in all its structures,” he said. stressed the MSP.

Finally, it has reported that the Polisarío Front has adopted “strong control measures”, including the “closing of access to Rabuni”, in the surroundings of Tindouf. “The MSP has denounced in letters to the United Nations the campaign of repression and the disproportionate use of police force by the Polisario against the Saharawi refugees,” he concluded.

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