The most watched Disney+ series and movies in 2022 are reruns and old titles

Most Viewed Movies 2022 Disney+

The FlixPatrol website, which is dedicated to statistics on the use of streaming platforms, has published the series Y films of Disney+ most views in 2022… and they are a surprise. Much is said about the star wars series waves Marvel movies and seriesbut they are not, by far, the most watched.

It is assumed that when one pays money for a paid entertainment platform, it is to enjoy its exclusive premieres. But not. at least with Disney+ the childrenand the reruns of classic comedy seriesThey impose their law.

We suppose that for the creators of the premiere series and movies this is frustrating data, but for Disney it is good business that the children send. If they’re hooked on your platform, parents aren’t going to unsubscribe.

The most watched series and movies on Disney+ in 2022

We start by taking a look at the movies section. They may not have the impact they once did, but Disney movies and pixar They are still at the top, at least at the audience level.

Charm and Red have been the most viewed movies on Disney+ in 2022. Charm reached the 130 million viewers worldwide, while Red approached 85 million. The surprise comes in the third position: Moanaa 2016 film, which garnered 69 million viewers:

you have to go down to fourth position to find the first Marvel movie, which is not a premiere either: Avengers: Endgamefrom 2019. It garnered 46 million viewers.

Then there are several Marvel movies interspersed with Pixar’s Lightyear. To highlight the entry of Avatar in the tenth position, driven by the premiere of Avatar: the sense of water.

Disney+ It has released a large amount of adult content this year through Fox and Hulu, but in the movie section, children impose their law.

And what about the series? Here the surprise is even greater. The Marvel series and Star Wars They have given a lot to talk about 2022but you have to go down to the seventh position to find them:

The Simpsonthat mythical series that died in season 10 (what came after is something else), has been the most watched on Disney+, with 124 million viewers.

Then we have a collection of series that are already a few years old, even decades: Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy, Childish Bluey, Modern Family, or Malcolm in the Middle, a series… from 22 years ago! Although we must admit that it is still as fun as ever.

To find a Marvel series, you have to go down to seventh position: it’s about She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulkthe most watched Marvel series of the year, with 42 million viewers.

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The first star wars series is Andor, in ninth position, with 36 million viewers. It surprises that Obi-Wan Kenobi is not in the Top 10. Closes the list another Marvel series, moonknight.

The most watched movies and series on Disney+ in 2022 they are a bath of realism: neither Star Wars nor Marvel. The disney movies for kids and the classic comedy series years agoThey are the ones with the most audience.

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