The most expensive cities in Colombia: the money you need to live

The most expensive cities in Colombia: the money you need to live

Cartagena was positioned as the most expensive city to live in the country, according to the latest update from the international consulting firm Living Cost. By contrast, the cheapest city is Sogamoso, in Boyacá.

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According to ‘Infobae’, Living Cost makes an analysis of each one of the places in the country to make a general balance, from the perspective of the dollar, since this is the most used currency in the world.

In this sense, the values ​​of the international consultancy refer to a basic lifestyle of an individual who lives alone, in which this person acquires only what is necessary.

In addition, the study takes into account the basic expenses for an adult person, which are rent, utilities, food and transportation. In this sense, a Colombian requires an average of 546 dollars to acquire what is necessary for a month, compared to the minimum salary that he receives after taxes, which is 306 dollars.

In the case of Cartagena, a person needs 771 dollars (around 3,520,547 pesos) to live for a month. Of those 771 dollars, a person requires 461 to pay rent and public services, 177 to eat during that time and 84.4 to move around the city. A family of four people would need 1,637 dollars, that is, 7,540,758 pesos.

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follows him Bogotá as the second most expensive city to live in Colombia. In the capital of the country, a person requires 676 dollars (around 3,086,757 pesos) to survive for a month, 306 for rent and public services, 196 for food, and 115 for transportation. Bogotá, the consultant points out, is the city where it is more expensive to get around, either with your own vehicle or in public service. A family of four requires 1,646 dollars a month to survive in the capital city.

The third city on the list is Medellín, where a person needs 662 dollars (around 3,022,831 pesos) to defray the monthly expenses. It requires 290 to pay rent and utilities, 200 for food and 113 in transportation expenses. A family of four requires $1,635 a month to survive.

In fourth place appears Barranquilla, where according to the consultant, a person needs 595 dollars (around 2,716,894 pesos) to meet the basic expenses of the month, 268 for the payment of rent and public services, 185 for food and 83.7 for transportation. A family of four requires $1,531 to live in ‘la arenosa’ for a month, according to Living Cost.

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On the other hand, among the cheapest places to live the cheapest is Sogamoso, in Boyacá, where a person needs 325 dollars (around 1,484,018 pesos) to live for a month, the capital of the department of Cauca, Popayán, with 330 and Maicao, in Guajira, where 342 dollars are required.


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