The Minister of the Interior resigns, the fourth in 24 hours

The Minister of the Interior resigns, the fourth in 24 hours

Victoria Atkins, The British Home Secretary has resigned this Wednesday from the Government. It is the fourth resignation of a minister from the Executive of Boris Johnson in 24 hours and his resignation aggravates the government crisis. The first to take the step were the Ministers of Health and Finance, who resigned this Tuesday afternoon. This morning, the Minister of Children and Families did the same. Now, the head of the Interior is following in her footsteps.

“Values ​​like integrity, decency, respect and professionalism should matter to all of us. I have watched with growing concern as those values ​​have fractured under his leadership. I have given him the benefit of the doubt at all times out of loyalty, but the events of this week make it impossible to budge any further. I can’t keep doing pirouettes around our values. We can and must be better than this,” Atkins said in his resignation letter.

Words similar to those of Will Quince, already former Minister of Children and Families, who leaves the Government after receiving an “inaccurate” report on the appointment as number two of the conservative parliamentary group by Prime Minister Boris Johnson of a deputy -Chris Pincher- who was the subject of sexual harassment complaints.

Will Quince had defended Boris Johnson in several interviews and now resigns on the grounds that he has repeated false information that had been provided to him by Boris Johnson, who guaranteed him “not being aware” of the accusations against Pincher when he named him. Fifteen points out that Johnson has apologized to him but reiterates that he has to resign because he disclosed false information.

“Thank you for meeting with me last night and for your sincere apologies regarding the reports that I received from number 10 before the press round on Monday, which we now know to be inaccurate,” he said in his resignation letter to Johnson, which was posted on Twitter.

With great sadness and regret, I feel that I have no choice to submit my resignation as Minister of Children and the Family, since I accepted and reiterated those guarantees in good faith”.

Third resignation

This Tuesday afternoon, the UK Finance Minister, Rishi Sunak, and the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, resigned alleging “loss of confidence” in his prime ministerBoris Johnson.

“I cannot continue with a clear conscience.” With these words, Javid said goodbye, the first to resign through a letter published on Twitter. In it he pointed out the “enormous privilege” that it has been to serve in “his position”, but announced that “unfortunately” he could not continue.the country needs to a strong conservative party and with principles”, he pointed out.

A few minutes later, Sunak resigned from the Finance portfolio. “We cannot continue like this,” he stated in his resignation letter. “The public rightly expects Government to be conducted properly, competently, and seriously. I recognize that this may be my last ministerial jobbut I think these standards are worth fighting for and that’s why I’m resigning.”

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