The Mac Pro based on Apple Silicon processors will not support graphics cards

The Mac Pro based on Apple Silicon processors will not support graphics cards

It seems that Apple is on its way to take several steps back in the repairability of the Mac Proand it is that although at the time the company surprised with the modularity of the latest Mac Pro with Intel processors, which had several facilities when it came to repairing and improving the equipment, it seems that it is not the direction that he wants to maintain with the next generation.

As we can read on Mark Gurman’s Twitter account, the next Mac Pro will not have the possibility of replacing the graphics card with another through a PCI Express slotnor will it be possible to replace or increase the capacity of system RAM, leaving storage as the only point for improvement by the user.

However, it is also mentioned that users should not need an external graphics card thanks to the GPU that we will find integrated into Apple Silicon, which will feature up to 76 GPU coresbut the reality is that, whichever GPU we buy, it will be the one we will stick with, since it is soldered to the motherboard.

Supposedly, the team will also have the same design as the current Mac Pro, something strange if you can not install graphics cards, so this remains to be seen.

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