The long-awaited redesign of Android Auto is now available for everyone, and these are the news

Android Auto

After months and months of waiting, we already have the vaunted and expected redesign of Android Autocalled coolwalkbut not in beta version as many users have been using in recent weeks, if not already in final version, for everyone.

This has been the gift of kings of Google for all Android Auto users who will receive, in the next few hours, and in a gradual manner, this update in the design of the applications and the interface.

A few hours ago it has started to be implemented for those users who are not part of the beta program, but this is happening in stages so if you still don’t see it, don’t worry, it will be implemented in the next few hours.

One of the most outstanding novelties is the board based on cards that allows us to run several applications side by side on the same screen.

In addition, touching any card allows us to expand the application to full screen to obtain more extensive information.

It should be noted that at the moment Google Maps is the only navigation application that can use the navigation card of Android Next-gen Auto, but this same feature is also in the works for Waze and most likely other navigation apps with Android Auto support will also have these capabilities, but later.

On the other hand, the remaining cards will allow us to manage phone calls, also control playback media, and on top of that they have included the expected search bar in the redesign.

Support for all screen sizes

The best thing about this new Coolwalk redesign is the support for virtually all screen sizes and aspect ratios.

In this way, it can now run on a typical 7-inch screen using landscape mode with a 4:3 aspect ratio, but also works perfectly on a portrait screen.

And it is that Google has put a lot of work into making sure that the new redesign is compatible with all the major car manufacturers, so it supports screens of all sizes and aspect ratios.

Android Auto

It includes a new Google Assistant experience, as it now integrates smart suggestions, being able to display things like missed call reminders and easy access to music and podcasts.

Those from Mountain View are also bringing new capabilities to Android Auto, currently in preparation, such as support for WhatsApp calls.

For now, however, this feature is being prepared for next-generation Pixel and Samsung phones that support WhatsApp calls on Android Auto, and will presumably be available for other models in the coming months.

In addition, everything is much simpler and more comfortable, and the status bar offers one-touch access to the four most used applications, so we can switch between browsing, applications or phone calls in a very simple way.

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