“The Last of Us”: Bella Ramsey is “the best Ellie ever” according to the showrunner

“The Last of Us”: Bella Ramsey is “the best Ellie ever” according to the showrunner

the popular video game The Last of Us will make the leap to the small screen with a live action adaptation by HBO, Sony Pictures Television and WarnerMedia Entertainment. This production will premiere on January 15, after a long stage of filming in Canada.

Let’s remember that it was one of the productions that was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, is enthusiastic about the project and believes in the leadership of Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, the directors.

I understand, because I am a big consumer of film and television, but this takes it to another level, because it is an immersive experience where you are in the world of the character. I don’t know if we made it, but Neil and Craig know (…) you have the creator of this world, they are both doing it with their minds and all their hearts”, commented the actor.

The other leading role is in the hands of the young actress Bella Ramsey. She has already made a big impact in the series “Games of Thrones” and now it’s time to see her in a leading role.

Ellie took longer because it’s a harder role to cast. We’re trying to cast a 14-year-old girl, and acting is an incredibly difficult thing to do, right? (…) And the children have not had so much experience in life. It’s hard to find kids who can embody this.”, Craig Mazin clarified recently in an interview with.

I was terrified that [a Druckmann] He wouldn’t like it and I would have to live the rest of my life knowing that we couldn’t have the best Ellie ever. But happily, he loved her. And we couldn’t have done it better”, he added.

First official trailer for “The Last of Us”

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