The Kenyan government considers the massacre perpetrated by a sect as the “worst security breach in the country”

The Kenyan government considers the massacre perpetrated by a sect as the "worst security breach in the country"

The authorities increase to 360 the bodies exhumed in Shakahola, in the north of the country

July 12 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Kenyan Interior Minister, Kithure Kindiki, considered this Tuesday that the massacre in the northern city of Shakahola, from which the bodies of at least 360 people have been recovered, is “the worst security breach in the country’s history”. .

“To avoid a repeat of this tragedy, the government will unceasingly push for legal reforms to control dishonest preachers who abuse holy scriptures to harm their followers and indoctrinate them through religious extremism,” the minister explained.

In this sense, Kindiki has announced that the application of the law will be strengthened to “stop the proliferation of irresponsible religious activities that include the indoctrination of innocent people.” However, she has remarked that “the vast majority of religious organizations and leaders are responsible, respectful of the law.”

“The small minority that acts dishonestly must not be allowed to tarnish the place, space and value of religion and religious activities in the country,” added the minister, who appeared before the Committee on Tuesday of the Senate in charge of investigating the proliferation of religious organizations and the circumstances that led to the deaths of Shakahola.

The Kenyan authorities have also recovered the bodies of ten people on Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 360, but the balance is expected to increase since dozens of new graves have been identified. Likewise, they have confirmed that about 40 people continue to be detained for their alleged connection to the event.

The main leaders of the sect, headed by Paul Mackenzie, urged followers to fast until death under the promise that they will meet Jesus Christ in a new life. Kenyan President William Ruto then described the leader as a “terrible criminal” while his cabinet announced it would turn the forest into a “national memorial” for the victims.

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