The Halo live-action series has already started recording its Season 2

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fans of Halo maybe they are not happy with the seasons of halo-infinite and the current state of the video game franchise in general or even with the state of 343 Industries. However, there is good news for fans of the series, as it has just been confirmed that Paramount is already recording future chapters.

In early 2022, before Season 1 of the live-action series of Halo was released, Paramount confirmed that the making of Season 2 had already been given the go. Thankfully, the project did well overall, not to mention some fans who believe the project deviated too much from the source material.

We say there is good news because Paramount announced today that Season 2 of Halo filming has already started.

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Where is Season 2 filming? Halo?

There are no details of the plot of the new chapters, but it was confirmed that the filming is taking place in Iceland. Paramount confirmed this with a photograph featuring Pablo Schreiber (the Master Chief) and other Spartans.

Unfortunately, there are no more details about Season 2, so we will have to wait for the premiere date or window. We will keep you informed.

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