The gross annual salary rose 4.6% in 2022, to 25,353.22 euros, its highest level since 2008

95% of the centers, which represent 86.8% of the workers, regulated their labor relations through a collective agreement

July 21 () –

The gross annual salary per worker reached 25,353.22 euros in 2022, which represents an increase of 4.6% compared to the previous year, and stood at its highest level since the beginning of the series, in 2008, according to the results of the Annual Labor Cost Survey (EACL), published this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

The INE has explained that this gross annual salary per worker of 25,353.22 euros represented 74% of the total labor cost, while the most important item of non-salary costs were mandatory Social Security contributions (8,055.63 euros per worker), which represented 23.5% of the cost.

In this way, wages and salaries plus Social Security contributions jointly constituted, therefore, 97.4% of the gross cost.

In total, the labor cost per worker in gross terms was 34,286.05 euros in 2022, which represents an increase of 4.2% compared to the previous year. If the subsidies and deductions received from the Public Administrations are subtracted, a net cost of 34,058.83 euros is obtained, with an annual growth of 4.1%.

With the entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 2/2022, of February 22, the ERTE Covid that were in force on February 24 were extended until March 31, 2022. As of that date, only those regulated in articles 47 and 47 bis of the Workers’ Statute were maintained. The incidence of this figure during 2022 was very low; In fact, the hours not worked for technical or economic reasons (which include those not worked by ERTE) collected in the survey decreased on average by 91.8% compared to the previous year, according to the INE.

In addition to salaries and contributions, 491.74 euros per year were allocated to social benefits per worker (voluntary contributions to insurance and pension plans, complementary benefits to Social Security and expenses of a social nature), 172.81 euros to other expenses derived from work (indemnities for the end of the contract, small tools and work clothes, transportation to the workplace, personnel selection…), 144.33 euros corresponded to severance payments and 68. 32 euros to professional training.


The differences between the labor cost per worker according to the different activities in the classification were notable, ranging from 20,744.17 gross annual euros per worker in the hospitality industry, to 82,181.05 euros per employee in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply companies.

Regarding the average salary in electricity and gas supply companies, the INE indicates that it stood at 63,074 euros gross per worker in 2022, while in the hotel industry it was 15,175.7 euros.

In companies linked to financial and insurance activities, the average gross salary was 50,391 euros, while in companies involved in administrative activities and auxiliary services it was 17,336.67 euros.


Considering the differences by territory, the highest labor costs in 2022 occurred in Comunidad de Madrid (40,131.84 euros), the Basque Country (39,624.16) and Catalonia (36,739.55). On the contrary, the lowest were observed in Extremadura (27,430.24 euros), the Canary Islands (28,722.58) and the Region of Murcia (29,961.87).

Considering the variation in labor cost with respect to the previous year, the Canary Islands (10.8%), the Balearic Islands (9.3%) and La Rioja (5.3%) presented the highest rates. Conversely, Region of Murcia (1.2%), the Basque Country (2.5%) and Principado de Asturias (2.6%) registered the smallest increases.


Most of the centers, 95% –corresponding to 86.8% of workers–, were regulated by collective agreements in 2022, with the area with the highest proportion being less than the state (autonomous, provincial sectoral agreements, etc.).

Of the total number of workers with an agreement, 3.8% saw their working conditions modified with respect to what was established in the reference collective agreement.

In relation to the cost components, the INE points out that the highest labor cost occurred in those centers regulated by means other than the collective agreement, followed by centers with a company or work center agreement.

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