The funny image of the Sun that smiles, is worrying for the Earth


From time to time scientific photos give us curious images capable of brightening our day. Even if it has a dark message behind it.

The POT has published an amazing photo of the sun that smiles. It is a perfect example of pareidolia. and also one worrying vision, from the scientific point of view: a warning of future solar storms.

The pareidolia it is a psychological characteristic of our brain that, working hand in hand with our sight, makes us see recognizable forms where there are noneproducing an optical illusion.

The first perception we have when we see the Photo NASA’s sun smiling, are two eyes and a huge nose, on a mouth that seems to smile. You can even see the tongue.

Of course, we know that this is impossible. But even if you look closely and try to see the real image, you will have a hard time getting the figure of a smiling face.

What does this happy Sun mean?

What we are really seeing is explained to us by NASA itself in the Tweet where you posted the image:

Seen in ultraviolet light, these dark spots on the Sun are known as coronal holes and are regions where the fast solar wind gushes out into space.“.

In short, what we are seeing here are solar winds which, in many cases, end up causing solar storms They reach Earth in a couple of days. In fact, these solar winds that we see in the image generated solar storms that reached us last Friday.

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The effects of these storms are varied, depending on their intensity. Some of them generate northern lights. others can mess up satellites, or endanger the International Space Station, as happened in 2005. There is talk of future solar storms causing power outages, and even cutting the Internet completely. There are already series that talk about it.

the fun Photography of laughing sun is one of the examples of pareidolia most spectacular that we can observe. A optical illusion the size of the Sun. But it is also a sample of the enormous solar winds that end up becoming solar storms that reach Earth, and some can cause problems with satellites and the Internet.

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