The French Government proposes to outlaw a far-right group “very friendly” to the National Rally

The French Government proposes to outlaw a far-right group "very friendly" to the National Rally

Bardella also commits to dissolving the GUD, although he adds “ultra-left” groups among his objectives.

June 19 () –

The Minister of the Interior of France, Gérald Darmanin, has announced that he will “propose” to President Emmanuel Macron the “dissolution” of the Defense Union Group (GUD), a far-right student union which he considers “a very friend” of “many people” of the National Group, the winning party of the last European elections.

“These people think that there is white supremacy, they make extremely serious anti-Semitic statements,” Darmanin stated in an interview with the BFM TV network in which he tried to separate this initiative from the electoral campaign for the legislative elections, ensuring that his Ministry has “nine months” debating the issue.

After Darmanin’s announcement, the leader of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, assured during a visit to an arms show in Paris that if he comes to power – he aspires to be prime minister after the next elections – he will not have “any tolerance” with those organizations that spread “violence” in France.

Bardella has confirmed that he will also dissolve the GUD, but added: “All far-right organizations and all far-left organizations, because I do not tolerate violence.” In this sense, he wanted to distance himself from a Government that, according to him, is “indulgent” with the “militias” that carry out attacks in demonstrations and attack the Police.

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