The former leader of South Korea’s main opposition party agrees to appear in a bribery case

The former leader of South Korea's main opposition party agrees to appear in a bribery case


Song Young Gil, former leader of the main opposition formation Democratic Party of Korea (PD), has agreed on Monday to appear in the framework of an investigation against him for an alleged case of bribery.

“Song will voluntarily go to the headquarters of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office this Tuesday,” his lawyer said in a brief statement as the investigation progresses.

Prosecutors, for their part, have indicated that, although the politician “is not the one who decides” when to be summoned to testify, he can deliver a written statement “if he wishes” to contribute to the investigations.

“The investigation team will decide when to cite it if it considers it necessary,” he clarified, according to information from the Yonhap news agency. The Prosecutor’s Office carried out a search of the opponent’s home on Saturday five days after he returned from Paris, the French capital.

The corruption scandal centers on a series of accusations that point to the distribution of envelopes with money valued at 94 million won (about 70,000 euros) among party members to gain support.

Among those involved there would be almost twenty people, who would have contributed to promoting Song as party leader at a convention held in 2021 – and which would have led him to occupy, precisely, the general secretary of the formation.

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