The first voting review hearings ordered by the Constitutional Court are installed in Guatemala

( Spanish) — The Departmental Electoral Boards and the Electoral Board of the Central District of Guatemala installed this Tuesday the first hearings to review the scrutinies and the final acts of the elections held on June 25. The event was attended by the electoral prosecutors of the political parties that participated in the general voting.

The review hearings were ordered on Saturday by the Constitutional Court after analyzing an appeal filed by nine political parties ––including that of candidate Sandra Torres and that of President Alejandro Giammattei–– due to alleged irregularities in the process.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala (TSE) gave a deadline until Thursday for the review hearings to take place, although it defended the process. Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court maintains the suspension of the officialization of results.

“We will be very attentive to the process to defend democracy,” wrote Bernardo Arévalo this Tuesday in your Twitter account. The presidential candidate of the Movimiento Semilla said on Sunday that Guatemalan electoral law does not contemplate the procedure ordered by the court.

Arévalo: The minutes would confirm that we won the election 2:27

For her part, Sandra Torres, presidential candidate of the National Unity of Hope (UNE), requested in a statement that the second round be held on August 20, as scheduled in the electoral calendar. “We demand that the TSE discuss the inconsistencies in the records that have come to light to be carried out in a diligent, transparent and agile manner,” she read in the statement.

After the elections, Sandra Torres prevailed with 15.04% of the votes. Arévalo obtained 12.25% of the votes.

Peasant organization warns with mobilizations

The boards of directors of the peasant organization 48 cantons of Totonicapán gave the Supreme Electoral Tribunal a period of three days to make official the results of the general elections. Otherwise, they warn that they will carry out massive mobilizations as a protest measure.

During a press conference offered this Tuesday, the peasant leaders also asked the Constitutional Court to revoke the ruling that ordered the review hearings to be held.

In addition, they asked the international observer missions to make their reports on incidents during the voting binding because they were guarantors of the smooth running of election day.

The observer missions of the European Union and the Organization of American States have expressed their concern over the recent decisions on the electoral process and have called on the authorities to ensure respect for the will of the voters, since, according to their Voting was reportedly carried out in accordance with Guatemalan electoral law.

The OAS said Monday that it has sent a new mission to witness the development of more review hearings, ordered by the Constitutional Court.

The Government of Guatemala has asked the international community for “full respect” for the electoral process.

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