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The first beta of Android 15 is now available

The first beta of Android 15 is now available

April 12 (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has distributed the first beta of Android 15, which allows users who are not developers to access its new features that are still in testing to help adjust this software before the company releases the final version.

The new features in Android 15 focus on improving productivity and the application experience, as well as offering privacy and security features that protect the user and their data and promote greater accessibility.

It is also a version designed with the ecosystem in mind, in which not only devices and developers of different brands and services coexist, but also semiconductor manufacturers and Internet and telephone service operators.

The company will officially announce Android 15 and its new features at the annual developer event Google I/Owhich will be celebrated on May 14although he has already shared some of them on his official blog.

With Android 15 will arrive the native support for application archivinga function until now available on Google Play that allows you to save space on the device by partially deleting unused applications.

In security, it introduces a manager in the Contacts application that allows you to manage and verify the public keys of the people registered in the address book. And also will prevent malicious applications in the background from launching actions that affect 'apps' that are being used by the user.

Android 15 TalkBack improvement, the feature aimed at people who are blind or have low vision to interact with the device using touch controls and voice feedback. It will also support more braille displays They use the HID standard over USB and secure Bluetooth.

In addition, improves the payment experience with NFC systems, so that the screen is more fluid. And at the design level, applications will be able to occupy the screen from edge to edge and will be displayed behind translucent system bars that will appear at the top and bottom.

With the launch of the first beta of Android 15, Google is advancing the roadmap for its operating system. The company hopes to reach the stable version in June to finish preparing the final version, which will reach consumers after the summer.

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