The ESA reiterates its commitment to E3 after the possible absence of Xbox, Sony and Nintendo anticipated by IGN

The ESA reiterates its commitment to E3 after the possible absence of Xbox, Sony and Nintendo anticipated by IGN

1 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has reiterated its commitment to move forward with video game fair E3, after IGN reported the possible absence of the main manufacturer brands in the sector.

According to sources consulted by IGN, neither xbox nor sony nor nintendo will be present at what is considered the main video game fair in the world, a regular setting for the most outstanding news of the companies in the sector.

after the event ‘Xbox & Bethesda Developer’ On January 25, the Microsoft company confirmed its return to Los Angeles -the city where E3 is held- for its “annual summer event”, although it did not mention that it was the usual one that it hosts within the framework of the fair. the ESA.

Sony has not held a presentation event there for years and Nintendo has opted for its prepared broadcasts known as ‘Direct’.

ReedPop, the company that is in charge of mounting E3 this year, assured in statements to IGN that “it does not take lightly the fact that it is entrusted with an important cultural touchstone”. “We have worked diligently with ESA members based on their feedback to create a new type of E3 that supports their goals and needs,” he says.

This Wednesday, in a statement provided to IGNthe ESA has not mentioned the possible absences, but has commented that “reviving a trade show after a three-year hiatus and a global pandemic is always going to have its challenges”, reiterating his “commitment to moving forward with E3”.

The ESA has also referred to its partner ReedPop, of which it has said that “it has made great progress in the remodeling of the event and has received strong support from industry companies of all sizes that they are not only thinking about E3 2023, but also how E3 fits into marketing plans for 2024 and beyond.”

In July last year, ESA promised to bring the industry back together to celebrate “a week of titanic triple-A revelations” which will include “world premieres” and offer access to the “future of video games”.

The fair E3 will return to the city of Los Angeles (United States) the second week of June 2023, four years after their last face-to-face event.

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