The Dracula palette returns amid cost overruns in the sector


Meals de Colombia, from Grupo Nutresa, is beginning to move and impact the ice cream market these days, which this year could reach 2 billion pesos in the country.
from now on launches its Dracula product for the Halloween seasonwith two peculiarities: a digital commitment and the offer of a chocolate bar that bears the brand and is produced by Nacional de Chocolates.

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“This year we are looking for 5 popsicles to be sold per second, we aim to have a very important growth and double compared to last year,” said Luisa Carrizosa, Vice President of Meals Marketing for Colombia, explaining the promotion strategy that this characteristic product will have. . Despite the fact that the rains have been intense and that the phenomenon of cost overruns has been faced, business is going well, she says.

What is the importance of the Dracula Palette for the company?

Dracula has become a pillar brand for us in recent years. I think that beyond being a product, year after year it has built an experience for consumers. This year is recharged and I think we take an important step.
There are icons like the green Dracula that is iconic or the lollipop with its characteristic flavor. Collectibles are also important.

What is the novelty in this opportunity?

We come with a pretty strong digital plan. We seek that each of the cards and collectibles can also be used digitally, with a QR code that allows you to see the monster in augmented reality.

You can also enter a platform, create your avatar and play, and that’s the big leap we’re taking this year.

Likewise, we have built a portfolio and now we have two novelties: the pack – which becomes a board to play with – for six, and for large channels, a unique format for this type of channel

The other important thing is that we are leaving the ice cream category and launching the Dracula chocolate bar that has been developed with Nacional de Chocolates. Chocolates are a relevant category for Halloween.

When does the season start?

We’re rolling this out now and while supplies last, aiming to go until October 31st.

Last year we did not achieve it and this 2022 we reinforced the entire production issue.
Since the construction of the product and the brand, 33 years ago, it was sought that this product make reference to a characteristic character such as Dracula, which is tied to the season.



What weight does this brand, in particular, have for you commercially?

Facing the entire ice cream category of impulse with the competition, the brand manages to capture 10% share in the season. In addition, it weighs 21% of sales in the season for the business. This year we are looking for 5 pallets to be sold per second and we aim to have a very important growth and double compared to last year when we reached 2.5 units per second. We believe we can meet that record.

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Who consumes this product?

First there are the children, drawn by a fun horror that gives them strength.
Then there are the Millennials who are between the ages of 24 and 32 who have grown up with Dracula and the third target audience is collectors.

What other seasons are important to you?

Holidays, definitely.

How have you lived these months with rains?

Normally, the weather has a significant impact. When it rains you notice some brake, however, the ice cream category in Colombia comes with very good dynamics and significant growth and we have seen that the last year that it rained, the dynamics remain very positive and we see that at the market level.

What is the value of the ice cream market in Colombia?

We estimate it close to $2 billion. We are at 42%, more or less. In impulse ice cream – popsicle and everything that comes packaged – we have a share of over 72%. The other two segments are ice creams to take home and what is sold to neighborhood ice cream parlors, which bear the name of the establishment.

How have you handled the issue of raw material costs and how is this situation reflected in final consumer prices?

We see some increases in raw materials and we have also made some very measured increases, without transferring 100% of these increases to the consumer.
Yes, there is pressure and we are making very well thought out increases trying to maintain profitability.

Have you faced raw material shortages as has happened with other industries?

In some very specific raw materials we have felt some type of affectation, but very specific at times. We have really been able to solve it and resolve it very quickly, what we have seen is that the response times of the suppliers are very varied.

What happens at the moment is that a development that we could do in three months can now be longer, but fortunately we have been able to respond to the demand that we have had to date.

Has the price of the Dracula palette gone up? How many?

It is $2,700, an increase of 8% which is below inflation.

In general, there is optimism about the operation of the year

Yes, it is a very positive year, we have closed the year with a lot of optimism and the dynamics of the category are very good. The Crem Helado brand has been growing significantly as well.

Constanza Gomez Guasca

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