The destination where Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva could go on their honeymoon

There are less than three days left for one of the most anticipated events of the year for the tabloids. The couple of the year, Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onievahave been monopolizing the covers of heart magazines for months and their wedding, which will take place this Saturday in The cornerhas generated a series of questions about the guests, the dress of the Marquise of Griñón or the destinations of your honeymoon.

The celebration, as the bride has well informed in her interventions in different media, will begin one day before ‘yes I do’ at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel in Madrid. Despite the insistence of different media to find out all the details of this long-awaited day, hardly any information about the celebration will be revealed, since the couple reported weeks ago that the popular magazine Hello! will give the exclusive, revealing all kinds of specifications about the event and with statements from those attending the wedding and the couple themselves.

Despite the information shared by the bride in her routine visits to ‘El Hormiguero’, a program in which she works as a collaborator, the destination chosen by the almost husband and wife is all a mystery.

What is known about the possible destination chosen by the couple

Although it is true that none of the protagonists has affirmed to the cameras what their expected and probably luxurious honeymoonthe journalist Paloma Barrientos has assured in ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’ that Falcó and Onieva They will travel neither more nor less than to Australia to celebrate their union. A country in which the biodiversity, paradisiacal landscapes and culture they are protagonists. The numerous national parks, the dream beaches or the buoyant life of the big cities are the main tourist attractions of this oceanic country to which they will go, for what is clear from the words of Barrientos, Falcó and Onieva.

Perhaps the selection of destiny has to do with the intention of both get away from the media spotlight in that special and unique adventure, which has been a very recurring topic of conversation in talk shows on entertainment programs and gossip magazines.

The theft of the jewels for the wedding guests

Íñigo and Tamara’s wedding has been surrounded by a polemic series, setbacks and accidents that made the most pessimistic believe that this day would never come. The last episode looks like something out of an action movie. Last Saturday, a gang of professional robbers stole Tamara’s jewelry, valued at a total of Two millions of euros.

Many of these accessories were a gift for the wedding guests. The Civil Guard has investigated the assault on the A-6 of two jewelers from Valladolid that occurred near Las Rozas (Madrid)-. The attackers posed as agents of the Armed Institute, threatening the jewelers with an ax and a gun. The workers, who are brothers, have assured that the stolen pieces are not part of the costume jewelery that the Marquise de Griñón will wear on her big day together with a luxurious dress made by the hand of Carolina Herrera. “In relation to the stolen jewels, we are obliged to deny that they were for Tamara Falcó,” stated one of them. Apparently, the luxurious jewels were intended for some of the guests related to Inigo Onieva.

Tamara Falcó shares this emotional message days before the expected wedding

Through her Instagram account, Tamara Falcó herself has shared a sincere message in which she reviews the experiences she has gone through with Onieva, accompanied by an image in which they kiss surrounded by nature.

“We only have a week and a day left to be united forever in the eyes of God to my Íñigo. It has not been easy to get here, but We have achieved it and we are very happy. As you told me last night, let’s keep dancing all your life And I’m looking forward to that life starting now. I love you”, writes the aristocrat. A publication that has accumulated, in a matter of less than a week, more than 80,000 ‘likes’, despite straying from the usual content line of Falcó, who is used to sharing advertising posts with fashion and beauty brands.

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