The dangers you expose yourself to if you decide to use a pirated IPTV list to watch free TV

The dangers you expose yourself to if you decide to use a pirated IPTV list to watch free TV

Today we have a multitude of content that we can view both on television open-air, as well as on pay television, and with regard to the latter, popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max, among others, stand out.

In exchange for a price that may be low or somewhat higher, we can have access to thousands of series, films and documentaries, to be able to watch them in the comfort of our home and on the device we want.

But sometimes, because someone doesn’t want to spend money, they end up subscribing to pirated IPTV lists, and they can get into a lot of trouble.

First of all, many of these services IPTV that offer illegal content is not free, since the user has to subscribe, paying a small amount, but already providing some sensitive information such as credit card, which cybercriminals could use to duplicate your card and impersonate your identity in the future .

On the other hand, most of these illegal IPTVs end up being shut down by the authorities sooner or later, so all your registration data, and we are not just talking about email, but also your IP, will end up in the hands of the forces of the order.

You could receive fines of more than 1000 euros

So if they deem it appropriate and after a court order, the authorities could require Internet operators to reveal the client after a specific IP address to send you a large fine.

However, this has already happened in Italy, where at the end of last year, the authorities fined almost 1,600 people for using illegal IPTVand fines that reached even more than €1000, report from 20 minutes.

In this way, simply by saving a few euros and not subscribing to services such as NetflixDisney+ or HBO Max, you would be exposing your integrity online while getting yourself in serious trouble with the authorities.

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