The Corsair MP600 Mini M.2. It arrives in 2230 format to gain a place on the Steam Deck

The Corsair MP600 Mini M.2.  It arrives in 2230 format to gain a place on the Steam Deck

With the launch of the Steam Deck, a problem that already affected owners of other devices such as Microsoft Surfaces became apparent, and it’s the relative lack of options when it comes to M.2 SSD drives. in 2230 formatthe shortest format the specification offers for SSD drives.

Now, little by little, more models are being seen, being Corsair’s turn with the launch of its Corsair MP600 Mini, a unit based on the Corsair MP600 that It comes in a 2230 form factor that allows it to be installed on devices like the Steam Deck, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Pro 9, as well as other MiniPCs.

Geeknetic The Corsair MP600 Mini M.2.  arrives in 2230 format to gain a foothold on Steam Deck 1

This is a PCI Express 4.0 drive, so it will not be able to run at peak performance on a Steam Deck. However, that is not the purpose for which this unit has been designed, but It will allow the Valve console to have the maximum possible performance at the storage level.

Its capacities reach 1TB, but according to what we read in Overclock3Din the future there will be models with greater capacity, so we should not worry too much about the future of this small format of SSD drives.

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