The changes: this has been the evolution of the iPhone, the star of Apple


after 15 years of history (launched in the middle of the year of 2007) and the incorporation of new tools to its design, this invention has been renewed with Over time.

This has been the path of the iPhone:

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In it 2007 the apple company revolutionized the mobile phone industry with the appearance of what time magazine described at the time as ‘the invention of the year’.

Since its release, the first generation iPhone He managed to conquer hundreds of users who stood in long lines to purchase his. The device it innovated by having a 3.5-inch touch screen, a 2MP rear camera and an iTunes-inspired music player.

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After the success of its predecessor, In 2008 the technology company announced the launch of the second generation of its mobile devices. That same year the iPhone 3G hit the shelves with some improvements in your imageincluding a slimmer design available in black and white colors.

However, the most prominent feature of this new phone was the addition of the app store.

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Just a year later, the first cross-generation version of the iPhone was released. Its design was identical to 3G, but its processing power was much faster.

It was the first iPhone recording videos and attracted buyers by having storage of up to 32GB.

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Iphone 4


the fourth generation of these mobile phones came with a much more noticeable change in appearance, having straight edges and a glass-based casing.

This device is remembered for being the first to incorporate a front camera, as well as for the failure that was presented in coverage when putting a cover or holding it in a certain way. A problem that led the company to release several updates.

It was the last iPhone introduced by Steve Jobs before his death.

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“Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today?”, this is just one example of the many voice commands that the intelligent assistant of Manzana allows users to do and the iPhone 4s was in charge of introduce it to the market.

The model, which went on sale on October 11, 2011, not only welcomed Siri, but inincorporated in its design an 8 MP camera with 5 recording and editing lenses in Full HD (1080p).

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With the market demand for ever larger phones, Apple decided to join this trend with the launch of the iPhone 5the first to have a screen of 4 inches and weigh 20% less than its predecessor.

This device was followed in 2013 by the Iphone 5c and iPhone 5S that introduced a much faster operating system, as well as a variety of colored covers.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (2014)

iPhone 6 arrives in China on October 17

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the tech company set a precedent with these phones by presenting two iPhones of the same generation and different sizes in the same year: 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

With this decision, the company sought to target two types of users: those who preferred a smartphone with conventional measures and those who ventured to buy increasingly larger cell phones.

iPhone SE and iPhone 7 (2016)

iPhone 7

The price of the iPhone 7 in the United States will be $649, the same as that of the iPhone 6.


With the iPhone SE (Special Edition) the company decided to go back a bit to the past with the launch of a model similar in design to the iPhone 5. Internally, this smartphone had improvements in its battery and in your RAM level.

On the other hand, that same year Manzana presents the iPhone 7focusing this time on the evolution of his mobile phones in the quality of their cameras. This novelty was accompanied by the introduction of its wireless headphones, the AirPods.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 features a glass and aluminum design, a Retina HD display, an A11 Bionic Chip, new single and dual cameras with support for portrait lighting and wireless charging.


Unlike his previous devices This model did not present many changes, except for the inclusion of a glass design, protected by a band of aerospace-grade aluminum. A material that enables Qi wireless charging.

iPhone X

The iPhone X costs more than the 8, but both devices are estimated to generate more or less the same gross profit margins for Apple.


Introduced just a few months later to its predecessor, Manzana opted to take a new step into the future with this new generation of devices.

The iPhone Xnamed in honor of the brand’s 10th anniversary, has a “all glass” and 5.8-inch Super Retina display, wireless charging, facial recognition to unlock the phone, animated emojis, an A11 Bionic chip for enhanced performance and resistance to dust and water”.

iPhone 11

The different operators offer benefits that range from credits with allied entities, zero initial fee and payment by installments charged to the invoice, among others.


With the arrival of iPhone11the company’s flagship device was once again dressed in bright colors and presented three models with the same name, but with differences in the battery and the camera system.

iphone 12

The colors of the iPhone Pro are Pacific Blue, Gold, Graphite, and Silver.


The minis have arrived! The iPhone 12 It was the best-selling model in the history of these mobile devices and incorporated OLED screens into its design, 5G technology and improvements in night mode photography.

With this release you will also welcomed the ‘mini’ versionwhich maintained the same specifications.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13


The most recent release from the tech company came with battery improvements, an expansion of 128 GB in your storage capacity and the introduction of cinema mode for video.


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