The autopsy of several bodies confirms that the victims of a Christian sect in Kenya died of starvation

The autopsy of several bodies confirms that the victims of a Christian sect in Kenya died of starvation

The opposition leader rejects Ruto’s plans to form an Investigation Commission, alleging that he is also a suspect


The first autopsies on bodies found in mass graves on land used by a Christian sect in a wooded area in Shakahola, in the Kenyan county of Kilifi, have confirmed that the victims died of starvation, although some were suffocated.

The authorities have indicated that they have carried out the first autopsies – nine children and one woman – of the 110 bodies exhumed, as reported by ‘The Nation’.

“Most of them had characteristics of starvation (…) We saw characteristics of people who had not eaten,” government sources have indicated, adding that at least two of the victims showed signs of suffocation.

The Kenyan authorities have so far recovered the lifeless bodies of 109 people on land used by a Christian sect, although work continues in the area, so it is not ruled out that the number will continue to increase.

In the framework of the investigations, the controversial evangelist telepreacher Ezekiel Odero has been arrested, who will be charged in connection with the mass death of his followers, as confirmed by the authorities, who have also closed his “prayer center”. The main leaders of the sect urge adherents to fast until death under the promise that they will meet Jesus in a new life.


For his part, opposition leader Raila Odinga has rejected the Ruto’s plans to form a Commission of Inquiry, claiming that he too is as suspicious as those he wants to investigate.

Odinga has claimed, without evidence, that preachers linked to these deaths established shrines in the former official residence of Kenyan President William Ruto during his vice presidency. Likewise, he has pointed out that the pastors sanctified the presidential home when the president moved.

“They did not stop there, these so-called pastors proceeded to deliver prophecies and promised miracles of how Ruto would perform as president,” he said, according to ‘The Star’.

In this sense, it has condemned that Ruto has attended “mega rallies” organized by these pastors, while asking the authorities to explain their relationship with them, as well as how much they have contributed to their campaigns or how many times they have agreed to the Goverment house.

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