The Australian Government withdraws the visa of a 20-year-old Spaniard for violating its biosafety regulations

The Australian Government withdraws the visa of a 20-year-old Spaniard for violating its biosafety regulations

The young man entered the country without declaring that he was traveling with containers of ham, chorizo, loin and cheese

16 Jan. () –

A 20-year-old Spaniard has been the first person whose visa has been withdrawn by the Australian Government for entering the country with undeclared “risk objects” after a new regulation came into force on January 1. biosecurity to prevent the entry of diseases and pests into the country.

As detailed in a statement by the Australian Ministry of Agriculture, the Spaniard has become the first person to breach the measure, for which his travel visa has been canceled and he has been fined 3,300 Australian dollars (2,124 euro).

Specifically, the young man would have carried in his suitcase without declaring a kilo of raw pork meat, which included two packages of ham, a package of chorizo ​​and another of loin. In addition, he had also traveled with a wedge of cheese.

“The harshest violations of the Albanian government (Prime Minister Anthony) for travelers who do not declare biosecurity risk items have come into force and a foreign traveler is already paying the price,” the Australian Executive has wielded in his letter.

In this sense, he recalled that travelers who try to enter the country with prohibited food products in 2023 “will be affected by the toughest biosecurity violations in the country to date.”

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Murray Watt, has assured that this is “a strong reminder” that travelers will be caught and punished for violating “Australia’s strict biosecurity laws”.

“I hope this man regrets his actions: his visit to Australia ended before it began and he was sent back with a hefty fine,” the agriculture minister added.

“We are serious about keeping foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases out of the country, and travelers should remember that when trying to enter Australia,” he added, noting that such actions could “put at risk” the country’s agricultural industries.

The penalization of the young Spaniard takes place after the Australian Government announced last October that it would increase the fines for infringement for those people who were caught with “prohibited items”, in order to prevent diseases and pests from entering and spreading establish in the country.

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