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The arrival of Bing Chat to other browsers seems to be closer than ever

This is the new daily limit for Bing Smart Chat queries

Microsoft is testing a notification that supposedly invites you to try the new Bing chat in Chrome, although it doesn’t work at the moment.

When ChatGPT-based Bing Smart Chat was announced, many were disappointed that it was only possible to use it through Microsoft’s Edge browser.

But nonetheless, those from Redmond clarified that they were working to offer access to bingchat in other browsers, including Chrome.

It seems that this moment is closer than ever, because since windows central You’ve already seen a notification to try the new Bing Chat in Chrome, but it doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

They explain that while they were using Chrome, they received a notification to try the new AI-based Bing, but when they clicked on this message, they were taken to an informational page about the new Bing and asked to download an extension from Microsoft. Bing.

Enabling the extension sets Bing as the default search engine, and opens the Bing home page, but does not provide access to the new chatbot.

It seems that Microsoft is preparing the ground to issue a notification to the Chrome user, so that they can use the new artificial intelligence chatbot in the browser.

Microsoft has the idea of ​​allowing any browser, including its top competition Chrome, access to Bing’s smart chat, so it’s not exclusive to the Edge browser.

In this way, the Redmonds believe that it is much more profitable in the long run to have their AI available to everyone, rather than make it exclusive to your Bing search engine, and thus be able to better compete in a market that will improve over the years.

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