The 3rd edition of the Intrum Hackathon highlights the role of data in the financial sector

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May 26. (Portaltic/EP) –

intrum has announced the third edition of its Hackathon for Financial Well-beingwhich on this occasion will be focused on data and will be held on June 16 and 17 in Madrid, with the support of Google, The Valley and Banco Sabadell.

The third edition of the Intrum Financial Well-being Hackathon focuses on data with what becomes a datathonand aims to promote the development of innovative solutions that promote the financial well-being of consumers.

Participants must create a product, service or tool that improves the quality of the data, boosts the user experience or prevents default through data science, as reported by Intrum in a press release.

The registration period is now open in and the participants will compete for three prizes worth 5,000 euros, 3,000 euros and 1,000 euros. It will be held on June 16 and 17 at The Valley headquarters in Madrid (Calle Torregalindo, 1).

This competition is for data experts (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Advanced Analytics, data programmers), profiles professionals, professionals specialized in business innovation, entrepreneurs or business school students.

This third edition has the support of The Valley, Google and Banco Sabadelland to accompany the competition, several presentations have been organized with data experts, such as Conchita Díaz, AI / Data / Machine Learning from Google, or Luca Zuccoli, Chief Data and Analytics Officer from Intrum, among others.

Zuccoli has highlighted the role of Big Data and data analytics in the financial sector, where it helps companies “identify new opportunities in an increasingly volatile and competitive economy” and is “a powerful tool for the prevention and management of non-payments and for the promotion of financial well-being”.

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