The 10 most forceful phrases from Shakira’s interview with N+: from self-love, her breakup with Piqué to the support of her fans

( ) — Shakira’s interview with the Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo, in which she talks about how music rescued her after her break with former player Gerard Piqué, left several sentences about her recovery process and her music.

The most outstanding phrases of Shakira’s interview

The Colombian interpreter said that she talks about love (in all its facets) in her songs because maybe one of them can help someone.

“I believe that art has a function, in addition to making it uncomfortable, also to represent, to represent idiosyncrasies and I think that through my songs I have always felt that I can and that I also have a duty to use my voice and lend it to those who may not they can talk”.

Her songs speak more than herself

“In my lyrics and my songs in general, my music, they are more eloquent than myself. And always through my music I have tried nothing more than to be honest and use my music as a catharsis, as a therapy. My songs are perhaps the best therapy. They are more effective than a visit to the psychologist, to the psychoanalyst”.

About having a family to feel complete as a woman

“I also bought that story that a woman needs a man to complete herself, a family. I also had that dream of having a family in which the children had a father and a mother under the same roof. Not all dreams in life come true, but life finds a way to compensate you in some way and I think that it has done so with me, with these two wonderful, wonderful children, who fill me with love every day.

Shakira has been dependent on men

“I’ve always been quite emotionally dependent on men.”

Shakira spoke like never before about her private life 2:36

About his self-worth after the end of his relationship

“Now I feel complete because I feel that I depend on myself and that I also have two children that depend on me, so I have to be stronger than a lioness.”

“I am enough for myself today, that when a woman has to face the attacks of life she comes out stronger and when she comes out stronger it is because you have learned to know your own weaknesses, to accept your vulnerability as well, to express what is feel that pain.”

Regarding the duel to your relationship

“For that strength to be true and not be a facade, it has to be a strength as the result of experiencing a duel, of accepting it, of understanding, of tolerating frustration, that there are things in life that do not go as one wants , that there are dreams that are broken and that you have to pick up the little pieces from the ground and rebuild yourself again ”.

The importance that her collaboration with Bizarrap had for Shakira

“I think someone had to take a photo of the day I worked in session 53 with Bizarrap, one before and one after. I entered the studio one way and left another. And that is one of the things that I am most grateful to Biza for, it has given me that space, that opportunity to let off steam. And yes, it was a great outlet, necessary, also for my own healing, for my own recovery process. I think I would be in a very different place, if I had not had that song, the possibility to express myself, to think about the pain.

His fans: his greatest support

“I have felt really supported by my audience. I never expected that they would be so key to me. They helped me lift when I was on the floor, when I was on the floor (I was on the floor for a long time), they gave me the strength and the courage to stand up and say well, I’m ready for the next round and for life to come and show me what else there is.”

About your resilience

“The difficult thing for human beings when they have to face unexpected situations is that we don’t know how we are going to react. We do not believe in our own resilience. And I didn’t know that I could become strong. I always thought it was rather fragile. And it is true that I have a bit of everything. But you have to have faith in yourself.”

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