Thai Red Cross celebrates first anniversary of youth and volunteer involvement

First anniversary

The Thai Red Cross organized an event to commemorate the First anniversary of the creation of the Office of the Red Cross Youth and Red Cross Volunteers.

The ceremony, titled “A New Step with Red Cross Volunteers for Thai Society”, was chaired by Khun Ying Jada Wattanasiritham, Treasurer of the Thai Red Cross. The event took place at the Chulalongkorn Hospital Medical College on June 2, 2023.

During the ceremony, two distinguished individuals were awarded prestigious plaques in recognition of their outstanding dedication. The awardees were honored for their exemplary service as Red Cross volunteers and for setting an outstanding example by demonstrating unwavering commitment to their volunteer work for the Thai Red Cross. Honorary plaques were also awarded to two organisations, the first being the Rajini School, which was the first educational institution to establish Youth Red Cross units, and the second being the Rajinibon School.

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The event also featured various engaging exhibits and activities, offering attendees the opportunity to participate in games while gaining valuable knowledge, and participants received exciting prizes. These activities, organized by various agencies affiliated with the Thai Red Cross Volunteers, also included medical examinations for attendees. The Road Accident Victims Protection Co Ltd, the Thai Honda Safety Center and the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation were also on hand to advise participants on the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.

The importance of volunteering and the role of young people

Khun Ying Jada highlighted the importance of Red Cross volunteering, which plays a vital role in the Thai Red Cross mission of helping those in need. He highlighted the fundamental principles of the organization: humanitarianism, non-discrimination and equality. The Red Cross Volunteers initiative aims to alleviate suffering, promote health and respond to disasters, particularly for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Thai society.

Sunantha Sornanusin, director of the Red Cross Youth and Volunteers Office of the Red Cross, said that the establishment of the Office joins the efforts of the previous Red Cross Youth Office, which has been active for more than a year. century, and of the original Red Cross Volunteers, who have served for more than 83 years.

The Red Cross Volunteers initiative aims to alleviate suffering, promote health and respond to disasters

The organization said it is willing to push forward the work of Red Cross Volunteers in unity and efficiency to serve underprivileged people, and it signifies a new step in the Red Cross Volunteers movement to help Thai society. It underscores that the Thai Red Cross Society stands by the people in times of insecurity and turmoil, moving forward to establish a brighter future.

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