Thai election commission calls for suspension of election winner Pita Limjaroenrat

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In Thailand, the electoral commission recommended suspending Pita Limjaroenrat, winner of the legislative elections, on the eve of the parliamentary vote to appoint the new prime minister.

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With RFI’s correspondent in Bangkok, Carol Isouxand agencies.

The Thai electoral commission estimated this Wednesday, July 12, that Pita Limjaroenrat, opposition leader and winner of the general elections on May 14, should be disqualified.

This increases the political uncertainty in the country on the eve of the deputies electing the head of government. Limjaroenrat, an MP from the Move Forward party, is the only candidate.

Until there is a judicial decision, he remains eligible in theory, say the deputies from his party.

The voters inflicted a heavy defeat on the conservative camp in May. But the long-awaited change may not occur, due to a constitution drawn up by the military junta to favor its interests. Something like this could provoke new demonstrations.

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Disrespect for the popular vote

The electoral commission considered that there was sufficient evidence to refer the case of Pita Limjaroenrat to the Constitutional Court, accused of having acquired shares of a communication company at the beginning of the electoral campaign, something that is prohibited by law. The company would also be inactive since 2014.

The 42-year-old parliamentarian, who is exposed to jail terms and political disqualification for 20 years, denies having carried out illegal maneuvers.

His supporters see this suspension as a lack of respect for the popular vote and a takeover of power by conservative elites. Thai youth could return to the streets.

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